Christina Kenyon

I’ve talked about Christina’s first child before: Elizabeth Milligan Kenyon, however Christina herself seems to have lived an interesting life.

Born in 1844 in Whithorn, Wigtownshire, Scotland, Christina was the second child of parents James Kenyon and Elizabeth Hood. In 1851 she and her two younger siblings James (b. 1847) and Mary [Ann] (b. 1851) were living with their parents in Isle Row, Whithorn and all are described as agricultural labourers, including the baby!

By 1861 Christina was living at Upper Senwick Farm, Borgue in the neighbouring parish of Kirkcudbrightshire, the youngest of four servants.

Upper Senwick
Upper Senwick Farm, Borgue, Kirkcudbright

She is mistranscribed as Christina Kergan and apparently she (or her employer) did not know what parish in Wigtownshire she was born in. Additionally it was stated here that she was 14, but in reality she would have been nearer 16 in age by this stage. Another of the servants in this household is 19 year old Elizabeth Kergan [Kenyon] born in Kelton, Kirkcudbright (about 11 miles north-east of Borgue) who may be a cousin. Christina’s parents were living at the neighbouring  Clash Cottage in the same year.


On the 14th of October 1866 Christina gave birth to her daughter whom she named Elizabeth Milligan Kenyon, presumably in reference to the child’s father a Mr Milligan perhaps? Elizabeth was born in Gatehouse of Fleet and in 1871 was living there in Back Street with her Grandparents James and Elizabeth. Meanwhile, Christina was again working as a domestic servant this time at nearby Ruscoe Mains farm.

On the 19th of July 1872 Christina gave birth to her second illegitimate child James at Back Street, Gatehouse of Fleet. More than likely this address was her parents house.

Less than a year later Christina married James Brown in Workington, Cumberland in 1873 and they settled in the area. They settled in the area but appear to have had no children until the birth of a son John in 1880. In 1881 the couple were living at Schoose Farm Cottage in Workington with Christina’s illegitimate son James and daughter Elizabeth and their son John.

Another daughter, Grace Christina was born to James and Christina in 1882 in Workington but sadly Christina died there just 4 years later on the 27th of February 1886. She was only 40 years old. The youngest child Grace was living with her Aunt Grace (Christina’s sister) in 1891.


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