There and Back (and there) Again: A Dearborn Tale.

So I was wondering what to write about next when I stumbled across Margaret Anne Dewhurst, the sister of Isabella who I wrote about last week. I had done very little research on her and have therefore spent most of the morning following her and her children’s travels back and forth across the Atlantic.

Born on the 19th of April 1873 in Shap, Westmorland, Margaret was the 8th (of 11) child of Christopher Dewhurst and his wife Mary (nee Lucas). She married Isaac Tyson in 1893 and they had 4 children together before his untimely death in 1911. Isaac was killed following a mining accident whilst working at the Waberthwaite Granite Quarry in south west Cumberland, when on the 28th of December 1910 he was struck by a falling piece of frozen rock. He fought for life for another 22 days before finally succumbing to his injuries on the 19th of January. Margaret was left a widow at just 38 with 4 children to raise the youngest just 4.

A little more than 10 years later Margaret (now living in Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire) and her three youngest children embarked on a new life in America. On the 19th of February 1921 She and the three youngest children Mary Eleanor, George and Margaret boarded the RMS Carmania. Their brother James stayed in England for a little while longer, but he and his new wife Jessie travelled out soon after their wedding in 1923.

RMS Carmania

From the Carmania’s manifest it appears that Margaret and the children initially intended to settle in Boston however James declared that his mother was living at 1840 East Venago Street, Philadelphia when he arrived in 1923. By 1930 Mary Eleanor had married Stanley Young and moved to 7302 Maple Street, Dearborn, Michigan. Her mother Margaret and brother George were living with them at the time of the census that year. The youngest child Margaret married Lawrence Lupold in 1925 and George married Netia B Nicholson in 1929.

At some point in 1934 Margaret returned to England because in September 1934 she can be found with her daughter in law Jessie aboard the Duchess of Richmond which docked in Quebec on the 21st.

Duchess of Richmond
Duchess of Richmond

When crossing the border in to the Michigan on the 22nd, she stated that she had previously resided in America from Feb 1921 to the 22 June 1934. (I have tried and so far failed to find a record of Margaret leaving for the UK around that date.) She seems to have been visiting her daughter (Mary) Eleanor who’s address was given in Barrow-in-Furness and was returning to her son James who was living at 6212 Calhoun Avenue, Dearborn. She was described as 5′ 2″ with brown hair, blue eyes and a fresh complexion.

Sadly Margaret died just a few months later on the 17th December 1934 from heart disease at her son James’ home and was buried at the Grand Lawn Cemetery in Detroit.

Grand Lawn Cemetery
Grand Lawn Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan 

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