Wonderful names

Continuing on the theme of unusual christian names I would like to introduce my ancestors Eazet and Du(l)cibella. There are a few of each of these ladies scattered amongst the higher branches of my paternal family tree in the parishes of Arthuret and Kirklinton, Cumberland.

There are a handful of other Eazet / Easet / Ezet / Esott / Isott entries in the records and they all seem to be comnnected to mine and stem from one Isot Lattymer who was christened in 1628 at Arthuret, the daughter of Andrew and his wife Isoude. The name then travels down my line via marriage with Carruthers then Graham and finally to my Grandmother Mary Easet Turnbull born 1874 and who married John Little in 1895.

My earliest Ducibella was my 7x Great-Grandmother who was the daughter of Andrew and Jane Graham of The Fauld, Arthuret. Christened in 1695 she married into another branch of the Grahams in 1718 and she and her husband Edward named their 1st child Duce and their 4th child Dulcibella.

I, in turn named my cat Ducibella (Dully for short)!



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