A Little Genealogy Makes Me Smile

Hi, I’m Annemarie and I’ve been researching my family history for about 10 years. Like me most of my ancestors came from Cumberland and Westmorland, England with a few wanderers from Dumfries across the Scottish border and the “far south” that is Lancashire!

I’m going to start by simply profiling various of my ancestors and their lives. Some of them pretty much leapt out of the records whilst others had to be virtually prized out kicking and screaming from their long inhabited archival hiding places.

Some seemingly popped into existence from nowhere, just in time to get married or christen a child (I’m talking about you James Little). Others apparently never died and must still be knocking around modern day Cumbria (presumably rather baffled, and slowly!)

So I’ll be back soon because as we might say where I come from: “aas away yan ter ratch out the crack on these arl folk of mine.”  (Translation: I’m going home to search out the details of my ancestors.)

Bye for now



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